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Bowser Coaching Initiatives   (BCI),  We Get You Where You Ought To Be


That's the secret to communication and the key to advancing in your career. Listening to directions, getting people to listen to you, listening to yourself.

At Bowser Coaching Initiatives, we listen to you and partner with you to listen to your narrative to discover how to forge your abilities into powerful tools that will get you the success you ought to have. 

Career coaching is more than being told what to say or how to write your resume or fitting into a hiring algorithm. Career Coaching goes beyond seminars on leadership and therapeutic questions to reveal an inner truth. Career Coaching is about listening to you, then working with you to realize your goals.

 BCI listens as you explain your background, interests goals, and ambitions and then works with you to succeed in your career path.

Whether it's advancing in academia, a professional partnership, or the next rung on your corporate ladder, BCI is your secret weapon to break glass ceilings, overcome obstacles, and exceed against the odds.



In your one hour online session, we define the issues, create a real measure of addressing it, and devise an action plan you can use at the end of the session.


BCI does not charge clients for resumes, LinkedIn, and / or cover letter review, your hourly online rate pays for the work. We also provide online pre-interview preparation and a free 15-minute after interview debrief.


Our ongoing career coaching program provides leadership training, interoffice communications training, and training in on the job conflict resolution strategy and tactics. BCI is with you throughout your career journey. 


Bowser Coaching Initiatives, when we partner with you, you are never alone, and we get you where you ought to be!



Founder of BCI, Charles "Chuck" Bowser, has worked in leadership positions on both sides of the Labor/Management table in Business as well as in fields as varied as Law, IT, Government, Political, and Healthcare. He has spent most of his time training people to become strategic and tactical thinking leaders capable of adapting to dynamic change, networking to advance and accomplish goals, and taking advantage of opportunities as they arose. An activist for female empowerment with degrees in Law and Journalism, Mr. Bowser has aided women candidates attain political office and worked to advance the rights of the marginalized.​ICF Trained, Mr. Bowser, now uses his skills and experience to aid professionals in myriad disciplines advance their careers and overcome glass ceilings to get where they ought to be..​


All coaching sessions take place via Zoom. Please be ready 15 min. before session incase any issues arise. Please provide at least 1hr notice if you must cancel a session. Failure to notify of the need to cancel any sessions under contract or part of a savings block within 30 min will forfeit that session. 

Clients will not be charged extra for any session that runs up to 30min over the allotted time. Any session that runs over 30 min will be charged as an extra session

Non Professional Coaching

Non-Career Job Search Strategy, Current non-career  issue resolution.

 1hr.: $100.00

Professionalism Workshops

Seminar with 5-20 members providing education on Professionalism, Office Interpersonal Commutations, and providing a professional image to the public. As dictated by client company.

1hr: $ 1,000.00

Post Graduate Coaching

Career Coaching for college enrolled and graduate students: Internship Selection Strategy, Job Search Strategy, Networking Strategy, LinkedIn Profile review.

1hr: $50.00


Jolee Lamatrice-Cocklin

General Manager at Ulta Beauty

If you are an Executive seeking promotion within your Brand or looking to broaden your resume in new directions, Chuck is an invaluable resource for your career advancement. He uniquely mentors each individual through all aspects of the professional's journey: negotiating strategy promotion within the organization; exercising diplomacy for win-win solutions in office politics; crafting and role-playing dialogues so that desirable outcomes are achieved using his very keen sense of interpersonal dynamics and communication skills; and my favorite benefit of working with Chuck is how he creatively designs customized opportunities for each phase of my career and then continues to keep these long range goals present in my pursuit of quarterly achievements. If you are dreaming of next level in your career or even a new career path, partner with Chuck and you will achieve it!

J. Sebastion Dorin

Executive at Netapp

I sought out Chuck for his professional coaching services in May of this year in the midst of my job search, and have continued with him since being hired on as an IT Project Manager at NetApp last June.

During my search Chuck provided focus and value add insights, on how to better leverage my strengths as well as how I was in my own way in certain respects without even realizing it. He was so effective at this that I've continued with him past the point of getting hired such that I can benefit in the same way but within the context of my current role and also my future goals.

10/10 I would and do recommend Chuck to anyone looking to grow professionally. Chuck can help you develop and clarify a clear vision of that growth and path to achieving it. I consider myself very fortunate to have his expert guidance at my disposal, and would be happy to discuss my experience with Chuck in more detail with anyone who's considering signing on with him.

Mandy Roth Esq.
Sanctions Complaince Executive

I cannot recommend Chuck highly enough as a Career and Executive Coach. Chuck is a skilled listener and strategist; brings incisive analysis to our sessions; draws insights out of me that I didn't know existed; and tailors his coaching to my specific goals and needs. Chuck has been instrumental in helping me 1) figure out my career goals; 2) present myself optimally to potential employers; 3) navigate the emotional and psychological challenges I encountered during my career transition; 4) prepare for and succeed in interviews; and 5) negotiate with prospective employers. As an executive coach, Chuck is a brilliant strategist and has helped me negotiate work challenges, figure out the best path for me and further my career goals.




BCI uses the Bill invoice  system for its corporate clients and the Wave invoice app for private customers. 

We accept

Visa, and most credit cards, except American Express. 

We are also available to receive payments via Cashapp and Venmo 

A copy of our insurance cert is available for our corporate clients

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